What’s with this blog?

October 20, 2007

What have you done?
I done went and created a new blog. Largely because it’s so damn easy to do so.

Why have you done this?
The Ministry of Silly Blogs was created as a venue for bloggers particpating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo), which entails committing to posting to a blog every day for the month of November. The official NaBloPoMo site allows users to create and join various groups. There are lots of groups so far. Some based on locality, others based on common blogging goals or personal interests. I felt the lack of a group for bloggers who are prone to silliness.

Who can join?
The official NaBloPoMo group (which doesn’t actually exist yet, but should any minute now) can be joined by anyone who has signed on to NaBloPoMo. In particular, you may want to consider joining if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You write posts that, at least on occasion, could be described as silly
  • You appreciate reading posts, at least on occasion, could be described as silly
  • You enjoy a good snicker, chuckle, chortle, cackle, giggle, guffaw and/or the occasional belly laugh
  • You have been known to write things that make someone laugh (even if that someone is yourself)
  • You have been called goofy, loopy, batty, cracked, boffo, funny and/or (the most coveted) silly.
  • Even if you’re not participating in NaBloPoMo this year, you can still participate in blogging silliness. If you post a silly post in the month of November, just leave a link to it in the comments to this post.

    What will become of me if I join?
    At this time, the Ministry is accepting applications for a variety of official Silly positions: Second Assistant Minister of Silliness, Semi-Permanent Under-secretary, Chief Silliness Advisor, Under-secretary to the Third Assistant Minister of Silly Blogginess. If you would like to propose an alternate position title, please do so.

    What’s in it for me?
    If you write a Post of Silliness, or find a Post of Silliness, you can submit a link to be included in regular Official Ministry of Silly Blog updates. (Pending Official Ministry Staff Approval.)

    How do I submit a post?
    Leave it in the comments, below. Or in the comments of any current Ministry post.


    13 Responses to “What’s with this blog?”

    1. come to my blog and give me youre advice, your coments are good

    2. Jessi said

      *Giggles* This’ll be fun.

    3. Audra said

      Silliness is right up my alley. I love making people laugh. They even laugh when I’m not trying. Okay, so they are laughing AT me, but still – it’s laughing. πŸ˜‰

      I’ve been blog negligent lately (can we say six kids, youngest is 19 months), but getting back in the game. πŸ™‚

      Your blog idea sounds fun er silly er whatever and so do the official Silly positions. πŸ˜‰

    4. alejna said

      Thanks for stopping by, but the link you give seems not to work. (My advice would be to try again…)

      Ah, fun. Fun should be among our top goals of the Ministry. Would you care to apply for the post of Undersecretary of Fun?

      I know the feeling of making those around me laugh. Even when I’m not trying. (Goodness 6 kids is a lot. I have a 19-month-old, too. Though she is both the youngest and the oldest.)
      I’m glad you approve of the Ministry of Silly Blogs. Would consider an Official Position of Silliness?

    5. Audra said

      Well, I’ve been in an Unofficial Position of Silliness all my life. Why not make it Official?

    6. Jessi said

      Of course I’d like to apply. That’s right up QuirkyJessi’s alley. But, um, what would be required of said “Undersecretary of Fun.”

      We should totally have badges to toss on our blogs for this, too!

      And side note, how are you planning to run the blog itself?

    7. Audra said

      Good questions! πŸ™‚ What she said. πŸ˜‰

    8. alejna said

      Audra, Jessi-

      I’m happy that you are both interested in Official Positions of Silliness. The job requirements are minimal, and may be shouldered or shirked as you choose. What I had in mind was to list the Official Staff of the Ministry, with name (any name choose), Official Position Title (which you may choose to change as often as you like), and a link the Staff members’ blogs. Perhaps in an about-style page.

      As far as what you would do…um…help find links to Silliness, I suppose. If you are so inclined. If a Staff Member is particularly dedicated to the Promotion of Silliness, there exists the possibility of being added as an author of the Official Ministry Blog. But if you just want to wear the fancy job title, that works, too. Support in Silliness is appreciated, but not required. (Oh, and by the way, as I expect you’ve gathered, positions with the Ministry of Silly Blogs are strictly voluntary. The Ministry is shockingly short on funds.)

      As for the question, asked by Jessi: “how are you planning to run the blog itself?”

      Ah, “planning” and “running.” Hmmm. I created the blog on a whim when I added the Group to the NaBloPoMo site. The form had a space available for listing a website for the group, if one existed. And I thought to myself: “The Ministry of Silly Blogs deserves a website. I have that Power.” I hadn’t gotten as far as to “plan.”

      What I envision are some periodic primarily link-based posts directing interested (or Silly) readers to posts and sites that have been Approved as Silly. A bit like a blog carnival, but less formal. And more Silly.

      As for “running,” I guess I am assuming the position of Moderator of Silliness. I may pick other job titles as well. Perhaps I shall be Grand Mistress of Nonsense.

      I’ve been working on a few badges, which I’ll post soon.

    9. Jessi said

      *Giggles* Sounds good. I didn’t expect a formal plan of action (after all, much silliness demands spontaneity and spunk….not an outline)….I was just curious if you planned on adding other authors or if you wanted links emailed to you, etc..

      And I’m *loving* the badges. Very cute!

    10. […] In other Official Ministry News, our NaBloPoMo group now has 8 Official Members. Welcome Silliness Afficionados! More information on the formidable history of the Ministry of Silly Blogs is available from this encyclopedic resource. […]

    11. alejna said

      Ah, good. I’m glad that through planning is not expected. It is hard to be thoroughly silly when being thoroughly organized. As for link submissions, I would welcome co-authors on the blog, and will probably also have a link submissions form. (A silly form, mind you.)

    12. magpie said

      I’m good at “Director of Everything Else”.

    13. […] The Official Silliness of NaBloPoMo has Officially Begun. Official Ministry Job Titles are being distributed for the Express Purpose of Additional Silliness. Job Titles will be posted on the Official Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog, along with a link to your chosen Blog. More information (or possibly just more confusing information) can be found here. […]

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