It has begun

November 2, 2007

Dear Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs, or Potential Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs, or Potentially Silly Random People Who Stumble Across the Ministry of Silly Blogs,

The Official Silliness of NaBloPoMo has Officially Begun. Official Ministry Job Titles are being distributed for the Express Purpose of Additional Silliness. Job Titles will be posted on the Official Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog, along with a link to your chosen Blog. More information (or possibly just more confusing information) can be found here.

Several of you have already tentatively accepted or requested Official Job Titles. So far, we have the following:

Chief Minister of Sillines, alejna of collecting tokens
Minister of Silly Socks, Calliope of
Undersecretary of Fun, Jessi of The Quirky World of Jessi
Director of Silly Quality Control, Sassy of eye heart internet
Director of Everything Else, Magpie of Magpie Musing

The Following Positions are now Accepting Applicants:
Second Assistant Minister of Silliness
Semi-Permanent Under-secretary
Chief Silliness Advisor
Undersecretary to the Third Assistant Minister of Silly Blogginess
Grand Poobah [update: this Title has been Claimed]
Eighth Minister of Pants [update: this Title has been Claimed. And modified.]
Director of Chortles [update: this Title has been Claimed]
Director of the Bureau of Investigations of Particularly Silly Phenomena [update: claimed]
Super Secret Minister of Public Affairs [update: claimed twice.]
Head of Ministry Intelligence, Wit and Goofiness
Oversecretary of Underpants [update: This position has been claimed. Twice, even.]
Head of the Department of Jokes Involving Gerbils, Hamsters, and Other Small Mammals
Chief Investigator of Squid Intelligence
Curator of the Museum of Silliness
Very Important Personage Whose Job is Somewhat Mysterious [update: Claimed. Thrice.]
First Director of Secondary Silliness
Silliness Liaison
Chief of Staff
Chief of Stuff [update: Claimed]
Attache to the Undersecretary of Attaches

How to Apply for or Accept a Job Title:
You are welcome to choose from among the Job Titles above, or are invited to Designate a Job Title of your own Creation. (Or if you would like to add to the list of Job Titles for others to choose from.) If you would like to have a Job Title assigned to you at random, I will Happily assign one to you. If you have a Job Title listed, but would like to change it, let me know. If you would prefer not to have a job title and/or a link from the Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog, let me know that too.

It would be most helpful to me if you would send the following information to the Ministry ( ):
1. your name (as you would like to be listed)
2. your blog name (as you would like it to be listed)
3. your full blog URL
4. your desired Job Title

The Ministry of Silly Blogs will also regularly be posting Links of Silliness. (Thanks to Nerevised for contributing our first Link of Silliness, which will be posted within the next few days. Or tomorrow. Probably not tonight.) You are invited to send me links by email ( or by way of any of the comments sections here at the Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog. Links can be for your own Silliness, or for Silliness that you have found on the Web. Recent or Old work just fine, as long as there is Silliness.

In fact, I was thinking it would be nice to highlight the Silly Favorites of the Ministry Staff. If you have some favorite Silly Posts that you have written in the past, and that you would like to Share, send me a list of, say, between 1 and 5 links. (Send the full permalinks, please.)

Additional Opportunities from The Ministry of Silly Blogs:
If you would like to be an Official Co-Author of The Official Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog, I would Welcome your Company. You would need to have a WordPress account. If you don’t have one already, you can get one lickety split from


15 Responses to “It has begun”

  1. Jessi said

    Yay! I was wondering if maybe you’d forgotten about this place and it was just trailing off, but I’m glad to see that it hasn’t.

    I’m loving some of the titles you’ve come up with. But um, if I’m the undersecretary of fun, do we really need a semi-permanent undersecretary (exactly what is that anyway, lol). Hehe.

    And I’ll try to send you some links in the next few days of silliness I’ve written in the past (or that I’ll write over the next few days….after all, QuirkyJessi is fully of silly/quirky stuff as it is!)

  2. Greetings, I would like to nominate, appoint and accept myself in the postion of Eighth Minister of Pants.

    Thank you

    As my first official action I would like it to be known that from here on “pants” shall be known as “trousers” by one and all and designated as such in all official an unofficial documents and correspondence. Anyone not abiding by this proclamation will face severe penalties. SEVERE, I tell you! Signed, The Eighth Minister of Trousers.

  3. Erika said

    Of course I’m in. I would like to be: Very Important Personage Whose Job is Somewhat Mysterious. You can list me as Erika at DRY Ink. Thanks, this should be fun.

  4. srah said

    Hello! I’m looking forward to the silliness!

    1. srah
    2. srah blah blah
    4. Chairman, Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party

    Here are some silly links from my blog:

  5. Veronica said

    Oh my you made me giggle!! I would love to be involved, just for the bragging rights, but I don’t think my blog is silly enough. Never fear though, I shall keep coming back!

  6. Veronica said

    Oh Oh Oh, I’m commenting again! Do I truly need a silly blog? Or just a sense of humour?

    I would love to be the Super Secret Minister of Public Affairs. That would be awesome.

  7. srah said

    Hi! I look forward to the silliness!

    name: srah
    blog name: srah blah blah
    title: Chairman, Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party

  8. alejna said

    I’m glad that your glad that the Ministry of Silly Blogs is alive and well. I’m glad, too. But also sadly busy. Not quite yet too busy for Silliness, though. And as for the question as to whether all the job titles are strictly necessary? Well, perhaps it is best that they are all mostly Superfluous, as I find Silliness most enjoyable when it is not Necessary. (But perhaps one of our mottos should be “where Silliness is Mandatory”?)

    urban pedestrian-
    Thank you for your application, nomination, appointment, and declaration. I will take this under advisement. (But I must take this up with you in Further Detail. Perhaps even in Excruciating Detail. Because we are talking about Pants here, a topic Near and Dear to my heart.)

    It would appear that we have more than one applicant for that position. Is there an alternate position that would interest you, or would you consider the postion of Other Very Important Personage Whose Job is Somewhat Mysterious?

    Your own Blog Need not be Silly, so long as you are Capable of the Recognition and Appreciation of Silliness. Your interest in the Ministry of Silly Blogs confirms that you have these Very Important Qualities. However, I regret to inform you that a previous applicant has claimed your requested Title. Can I offer you instead another Title from those listed above, or your own devising? Or would you like to be the Somewhat Secret Minister of Moderately Public Affairs?

    Welcome the Ministry, Chairman, Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party.

  9. Veronica said

    Thats okay, I can be the Chief Silliness Advisor or something. I’m not picky 🙂

  10. srah said

    Yay! I have to admit that my title is not an original one. 🙂

  11. Bee said

    name: Bee
    blog: welikeplay at
    position: Adjutant for silliness education, indoctrination, and the letter P.

  12. Anitra said

    Since I’m currently looking for a job, it would really boost my ego if I could be the Chief of Staff. My related experience for the position includes being the Chief of a Staff of One at the Kiwi house… and, uuhhhh, that’s it. I look forward to meeting you to discuss my qualifications.

  13. Head of Ministry Intelligence, Wit and Goofiness
    that one keeps cracking me up, and reminds me of a certain batch of wizardry books, only with a Patch Adams sort of twist. 😀

  14. Kat said

    This is my official application for the post of “Chief Silliness Advosor”.

    My name is Katstuff
    My blog name is Just Katstuff
    My blog URL is

    I feel that I am very qualified for this post due to my experience as ‘Vice President for Grown-Ups’ of the Tampa Bay Silly Club for the past 7 years, since I was given this title by my then 5 year old Goddaughter. I have a badge and everything. Made of construction paper. With a frog sticker on it.

  15. Katherine said

    I would like to henceforth be known as Lady Katherine De Blog, author of Whimsical Posts that Many People Think Are Serious. If you think I am not worthy of this noble name, check out my blog,
    and especially this post:
    The comments reveal my silliness went largely undetected. This is, I believe, a hitherto unexplored region of silliness. ie, how silly can you be, without people noticing?
    I have a tiara made of papier maché.

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