Silly Links of the Past Day or So

November 6, 2007

I am pleased to report that many Staff Members of the Ministry of Silly Blogs have been busy at the task of identifying Silliness on the Web, and Bringing Such Silliness to Our Attention.

  • Firstly, or in no particular order, the Esteemed Director of the Bureau of Investigations of Particularly Silly Phenomena (aka fireweaver “…humbly offer[s] the peeps research site. it was a big hit back in vet school, especially the surgical procedure.”
  • Secondly, or Subsequently, though not sequentially, The Director of Silly Quality Control (aka Sassy) has submitted the following:

    This just in : The Silliness Quality Control Counsel has officially deemed the webstie Catprin as outstandingly silly.

  • And Finally, though likely not Terminally, The Chairman of the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party (aka srah) brings to our attention the following: stuff on my cat .com (“In case there’s anyone who hasn’t seen this yet”)
  • And Lastly, and Primarily, the above Chairman offers Lord of the Pants, which warms me to the the very core of my own pants-loving heart.
  • Administrative note: I would like to encourage the submission of Silly Links to be made via the comments here at the Official Ministry Blog. The reason for this is the Laziness of the Chief Minister, who finds it easier to retrieve, identify and properly attribute comments found here, as the NaBloPoMo group site does not provide immediate links to the Submitters of the posts.


    9 Responses to “Silly Links of the Past Day or So”

    1. Veronica said

      I am nominating I can has cheezburger. It never fails to make me laugh 😀

    2. calliope said

      How many submissions do you want?
      *evil laughter*

    3. sassy said

      Quality Control to Ministry Panel : is the tops as far as
      Japanosilly goes.

    4. calliope said

      that’s a great one, Sassy.

    5. […] extraordinarily Humbled to be a Part of such a Silly Group. Also Extraordinarily Silly. Another Post of Officially Silly Links will be Posted posthaste. Or at least relatively […]

    6. Smiler said

      I have several silly entries which may or may not be of interest to the lovely people of the Ministry. Should you find them unsuitable, then you are not required to do anything at all. Should you find they meet your requirements then post away.

      Randomly Weird Stuff:

      Do you have a Chorus of Fish Singing in Antarctica?:

      The old woman and the toad:

      “Clean is Happy”:

      Re: “I think I’m in LOve.”

      My Russian Mail-Order Wife:

      “Men are like cats”

      I am concerned that I may not have sent you sufficient material. Should you require more I’ll be sure to give you very bad directions which are bound to get you lost which is a good thing because then I won’t have to tell you. To get lost that is. Which we wouldn’t want so please don’t say I haven’t sent enough, will you? (or should that be: “won’t you”?)

      It’s been a pleasure.
      Au revoir, fairwell etc etc.

    7. Smiler said

      I left a nice list with maybe ten items here and it never appeared! If you go on my blog, you can click on “humour” or “bizzaro” tabs and you’re sure to find some items there. I especially like “A chorus of fish in Antarctica” and “I think I’m in Love” both quite funny, and silly, IMHO.

    8. alejna said

      An Eminently Silly Submission. (And I mean that in the Best Possible Way.)

      I have seen that you have much Silliness at your Disposal…I am not sure whether we should Set Official Silliness Limits, but perhaps you will Scare me into Doing So. (And We were Quite Pleased with the Pants post.)

      We at the Ministry find to be Fabulously Silly. Many thanks for this Contribution.

      Many thanks for the Many Links. (And for the second comment Notifying us to Retrieve the first comment from the Spam Filter.) (Spam, spam, spam, spam…) We at the Ministry look Forward to Exploring their Silly Depths.

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