More Ministry Staffing Updates

November 16, 2007

I would like to take the Opportunity to Welcome 4 our latest Ministry Staff Members to have Selected Official Ministry Job Titles:

  • Chief Undersecretary of Imbecilic Images: city girl of Country Girl/ City Girl
  • Secretary General of the Department of Nomadic Housing and Landscape Design: Bashirs_Momma of Basenji Boy
  • Attache to the Institute of Silly Queer Blogs of Fabulousity, Sarcasm, Wit and Unapologetic Debauchery: ink2metal of ink2metal works it out
  • Deputy Chief of Goofiness: Mistress Snarkypants of Snarkypants
  • Along with the 5 Positions Filled as of the last Staffing Update and the 18 Positions Filled Previously, that brings our Grand Total to the Total that can be Arrived at by adding those Numbers to the Number of Positions Filled in this Post.

    If you do not have an Official Ministry Job Title, Please Request one Posthaste.

    How to Apply for or Accept or Create a Job Title:
    You are welcome to choose from among the Job Titles listed on the Previous Staffing Update, or are invited to Designate a Job Title of your own Creation. (Or if you would like to add to the list of Job Titles for others to choose from.) If you would like to have a Job Title assigned to you at random, I will Happily assign one to you. If you have a Job Title listed, but would like to change it, let me know.

    It would be most helpful to me if you would send the following information to the Ministry
    ( ministryofsillyblogs at ):
    1. your name (as you would like to be listed)
    2. your blog name (as you would like it to be listed)
    3. your full blog URL
    4. your desired Job Title (and possibly an alternate Job Title)

    More Updates are coming Soon. Or Soonish.


    3 Responses to “More Ministry Staffing Updates”

    1. Jessi said

      Just stopping in to let you know I haven’t forgotten about the place. Life is hectic right now and I’m still working on keeping up with NaBloPoMo, so it’s crazy trying to keep up with all the extra projects (like this one), hehe. I have lots of silly stuff to send your way at some point, though!

    2. Veronica said

      Veronica is very Pleased to Welcome the New Additions to our Very Very Silly Workforce.

      Veronica has Been Lacking in Silliness Lately and Veronica Appologises.


      Veronica’s Laptop.

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