Silly Posts from the Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs

November 25, 2007

Having finally gotten up off our Metaphorical Lazy Ass, we at the Ministry are Quite Pleased to Finally be able to Offer to a Very Fine Selection of Silliness that has been posted in the Blogs of our Official Ministry Staff (and Perhaps in the Blogs of Official Ministry Onlookers):

We have also had a Variety of Excellent Submissions of Silliness from Various Untitled Members (or On-looking Non-members) of the Ministry of Silly Blogs, who Should Really consider Getting an Official Ministry Job Title:

Thank you to all who submitted these fine links. A Selection of other links, such as the Many Fine Links to Silly Websites, will Happen at Some Point.

2 Responses to “Silly Posts from the Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs”

  1. a blog friend pointed me to an addictive silly site called BooBah…beware, it squeaks…

  2. Jessi said

    I have so many links bookmarked for this place, hehe. Must…finish…NaBloPoMo and other projects….first. Must….resist. *Giggles uncontrollably as she loses the last bit of her sanity….*

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