The Measure of Silly

November 28, 2007

The Head of Ministry Intelligence, Wit and Goofiness has brought to our Attention an important an important Link of Silliness: a Quiz that Claims to Measure Silliness.

As we at the Ministry are Self-Proclaimed Experts in Silliness (and likely in Other Areas of Expertise as well), I call upon you to Evaluate this Quiz in terms of both its Inherent Silliness and its Capacity for Silliness Evaluation.

Participation in this Action is Strictly Mandatory for all Ministry Members who currently, at this time, or at present have a Duck, Lobster or Lampshide positioned atop their Heads. For Ministry Members who do not meet these or other Criteria, participation in this action is Strictly Voluntary.


7 Responses to “The Measure of Silly”

  1. Cobwebs said

    Damn. You got me with the lobster.

    I rate an Excellent:
    “You’ve got the perfect balance of sillyness in your life. You know how to relax and live it up without losing sight of what’s important. Goof on man.”

  2. Veronica said

    I got an Excellent as well.

    And how did you know that I was wearing a duck on my head?

  3. Honorable Minister:
    I am hereby officially applying for a staff position and would be honored to have various staff members visited my most recent posts on my blog, which for some reason I cannot fathom are suddenly, shamelessly silly. I don’t know what has come over me. But I think that I, indeed, merit a position.
    With sincerest hopes for approval,
    P.S. I think I signed up for the Ministry over at Nablo, but never actually did Nablo. I was too busy being silly about Eden Marriott Kennedy Onnassis whom I accused of not being a real person and ran off).

  4. Um, is the position of Bloggerina of Blogland Insecurity open? If so, I would like to apply to that position, please, having just gotten back from the whole Bloggerville vacation and plunging into the blogpital and Blog City fiascos. And also, does it involve any sort of crown or uniform?

  5. Jessi said

    “You scored as a Excellent!
    You’ve got the perfect balance of sillyness in your life. You know how to relax and live it up without losing sight of what’s important. Goof on man.”

    Is it bad that the “goof on man” puts me into California surfer dude mode? *Holds up surfer dude hand signal and shakes head*

    And I actually didn’t like the quiz itself, lol, but it still worked out fine. 😀

  6. the individual voice said

    Oh, and I’m also nominating myself Chief Procrastinator of the Department of Procrastination. Or something of that sort.

  7. As Chief Procrastinator of the Department of Blogland Creativity, I submit the following silly posts:
    the individual voice: CyberSpace Sunday
    the individual voice: Postcard From Bloggerville: Wish You Were Here
    the individual voice: Emergency Voice Mail Message From The Blogpital
    the individual voice: Bad News: A Blog City Bender
    the individual voice: Nanowrimo Losers’ Circle: December Runner-Ups Announced Here
    the individual voice: CYPROWRIMO STARTS DECEMBER FIRST!
    the individual voice: Anti-Turtle Defamation League Protests CyProWriMo
    the individual voice: CyProWriMo in Full Swing: Procrastination Has Begun

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