Dear Ministry of Silly Blogs Staff,

Now that the Month of NaBloPoMo Silliness has Officially drawn to a close (at least in most Time Zones), many of you may be Wondering what is to Become of the Ministry of Silly Blogs. I am quite Pleased to say, with both Seriousness and Silliness, that the Ministry of Silly Blogs will Continue into the Future. We at the Ministry believe that there is a Great Future for Silliness, especially in the Realm of Blogging, and we are Committed to Continuing to Promote and Celebrate such Silliness.

As the Future of the NaBloPoMo Ning Group is Uncertain, all Official Ministry Business shall Henceforth be conducted via the Official Ministry of Silly Blogs Blog. Questions about the Ministry of Silly Blogs, or about Silliness in General, can also be addressed via email to ministryofsillyblogs AT yahoo DOT com . Other communication may be attempted by Semaphore, Smoke Signals, or Miming, but results may Vary.

For those of you who have not yet claimed an Official Ministry of Silly Blogs Job Title, many Positions are Still Available. Details about this Process can be found on the page called The Official Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs.

We at the Ministry had hoped to provide Frequent and Regular posts of Links of Silliness, but the High Demands of NaBloPoMo blog-related Reading and Writing left us less time that we had hoped for such a task. It is therefore hoped that once the Frenzied Pace of November is behind us, we can Continue to Promote Silliness at a More Leisurely Pace. We would like to offer some Retrospective Posts to highlight the Blogging Silliness that has Happened over the Past Month.

If you wish to Submit links to your Own Silly Posts of the Past Month, please leave the Links (along with your Official Job Title, if you have such a thing) in the Comments for this, or any other recent post. Links for other Silliness that you have Encountered and Admired are also Always Welcome.

As always, we wish you Much Silliness.

Sincerely Silly,

The Chief Minister of Silliness
The Ministry of Silly Blogs
(aka alejna)