The Measure of Silly

November 28, 2007

The Head of Ministry Intelligence, Wit and Goofiness has brought to our Attention an important an important Link of Silliness: a Quiz that Claims to Measure Silliness.

As we at the Ministry are Self-Proclaimed Experts in Silliness (and likely in Other Areas of Expertise as well), I call upon you to Evaluate this Quiz in terms of both its Inherent Silliness and its Capacity for Silliness Evaluation.

Participation in this Action is Strictly Mandatory for all Ministry Members who currently, at this time, or at present have a Duck, Lobster or Lampshide positioned atop their Heads. For Ministry Members who do not meet these or other Criteria, participation in this action is Strictly Voluntary.


The Director General of Generally Indirect Silliness (aka Nerevised) offers to us a link to a News Article on a Topic that is Near and Dear to Our Collective Hearts here at the Ministry: Silly Job Titles.

On a Similar Topic, We are most Pleased to Announce that an Additional 6 members of our Staff have Claimed Official Job Titles:

Second Assistant Minister of Silliness: Jonny of Out Of Hans

Head of Ministry Intelligence, Wit and Goofiness: ThePearLady of Slices from the Pearlady

Director of Pastafarian Outreach: Cobwebs of The Art of Darkness

Deputy Chief of Goofiness: Mistress Snarkypants of Snarkypants

Exceptionally Imposing Figurehead with No Actual Responsibilities: Katstuff of Just Katstuff

Grand Secretariat of Bureaucrazy: laura of at home. together

For those who remain Untitled, and Desire a Title, please see the Officially Silly Instructions at the bottom of the Page Entitled “The Official Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs.” (There you will also find the Entire Titled Staff of the Ministry of Silly Blogs. If you have Claimed a Title and you do Not see Your Name or Title Listed, or should you Discover some other Error or Omission, it is most Likely due to Error on the Part of the Chief Minister of Silliness, whose Many and Varied Responsibilities have recently been known to keep her from the Realm of Silliness more Often than She would Like. Please Just Send her a Gentle Reminder by Email or Comments, or perhaps send her a Scone. She is Quite Fond of Baked Goods.)

Additionally, Three of our Ranks have expressed interest in Assuming positions of Moderate Responsibility (or at least Moderately Silly Responsibility), involving the Highly Coveted Level of Official Co-Authors of the Ministry of Silly Blogs. More information about these Exiciting Developments will arrive Shortly. (Or at least at Some Point in the Foreseeable Future.)

I am pleased to report that many Staff Members of the Ministry of Silly Blogs have been busy at the task of identifying Silliness on the Web, and Bringing Such Silliness to Our Attention.

  • Firstly, or in no particular order, the Esteemed Director of the Bureau of Investigations of Particularly Silly Phenomena (aka fireweaver “…humbly offer[s] the peeps research site. it was a big hit back in vet school, especially the surgical procedure.”
  • Secondly, or Subsequently, though not sequentially, The Director of Silly Quality Control (aka Sassy) has submitted the following:

    This just in : The Silliness Quality Control Counsel has officially deemed the webstie Catprin as outstandingly silly.

  • And Finally, though likely not Terminally, The Chairman of the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly and Looking Stupid Party (aka srah) brings to our attention the following: stuff on my cat .com (“In case there’s anyone who hasn’t seen this yet”)
  • And Lastly, and Primarily, the above Chairman offers Lord of the Pants, which warms me to the the very core of my own pants-loving heart.
  • Administrative note: I would like to encourage the submission of Silly Links to be made via the comments here at the Official Ministry Blog. The reason for this is the Laziness of the Chief Minister, who finds it easier to retrieve, identify and properly attribute comments found here, as the NaBloPoMo group site does not provide immediate links to the Submitters of the posts.